Miraculous Commands

Ezekiel 37:13
Then you, my people, will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up from them.


One thought on “Miraculous Commands”

  1. This passage is one that I’ve used for this season of the secular holidays of Halloween and Day of the Dead (aka Dia de los Muertos) – like on a tract or as a “scary” story to tell people the Gospel. However, this year what’s on my mind isn’t zombies, graves, or skeletons, it’s death and sickness and pain.
    As Christians we read this event that happened to Ezekiel and we see an allegory of what Jesus will accomplish for God’s people… our souls, our faith will be revived, renewed, resurrected… we will be made alive, transformed, we will be given eternal Life.
    But some believers would see all these dry bones as people who hadn’t commanded, in the name of God, that they be healed. They hadn’t yet said the magic words. So along comes Ezekiel with the command and that’s how they got healed.
    I’m always surprised when I run into this “commanding” doctrine. I don’t know why it always shocks me when I hear people saying that there is something wrong with your faith if you are not instantly healed… or you haven’t confessed some hidden sin if you didn’t rise up from your death bed.
    But on the other extreme, someone recently mocked the prayer of “binding” Satan. They believe, I guess, that Satan can’t harm you if you truly believe and have faith.
    So what is it that I believe is the correct view about commanding and trusting and believing and healing and dying? I believe that God can tell you to command a sickness to leave… and in other situations that God can tell you that His grace is what you need, not physical healing. In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus asked to keep the evil one away. So we know it’s okay to request that Satan not be allowed to mess with us. I am glad for those people who can command dry bones to rise and be covered with flesh and then command the breath of life to enter that body – I’m glad for that person – but they best be giving all the glory to Lord and not making believers lose faith because they don’t have the same ministry.


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