Hope For The Children Of Men

jeremiahLamentations 3:32
For if He causes grief,
Then He will have compassion
According to His abundant lovingkindness and tender mercy.


One thought on “Hope For The Children Of Men”

  1. In the picture of this post, can you see the hope in the eyes of Jeremiah?
    I can’t. I only see despair. There are times that, both, the children of men and the children of God, have – times of such pain and grief – moments of hopelessness. God made us this way. God made us all to have the capacity to reach such a low place when disaster consumes us. And God’s people don’t necessarily have any advantage over everyone else at this low place when it comes to the pain that such a position requires. In fact, I believe that God would intend for every person to FEEL the pain and experience the reality of the situation, as Jeremiah very adeptly demonstrates, and then naturally and truthfully crying out to Jesus for help, for comfort, for relief, for hope. An unbeliever, or a believer making a huge mistake, is inclined when in despair to mar his own character and personality with depression, deflection, suspicion, suicide, but most often of all insobriety. I am writing this comment because I want to remind mostly myself to turn to the Lord when the worst happens. In the midst of an ocean of pain, grief, and anger… we must not reach out to any coping artifice… we must reach out to our only Hope.


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