Deuteronomy 34:7

serveimageMoses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone.


5 thoughts on “Deuteronomy 34:7”

  1. The Lord kept Moses healthy and strong even though he got extremely old. He did a lot of amazing things with His servant Moses. One of the attributes of Jesus Christ is perfect meekness, or “power under control”. The more power, all the more amazing is the wisdom and control that is required. We all know that Moses messed up with controlling himself, but mostly, besides Jesus, he was the best example of meekness – if not for anything else but just for the level of strength and power that the Lord gave to him. It is just so amazing that the Lord had Moses mountain climbing to the very end.


    1. Amen!!!!! God shows His glory through our weaknesses. Moses truly was a vessel that God used, and He can do miraculous things through us if we let Him. Moses was willing are we ?

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  2. The other thing that this verse made me think of is “sight” and “strength”. Speaking of the eternal value of faith and grace, this verse could be saying that Moses still could “see” what was good and still had the spiritual “strength” to act accordingly. So, even though we value and are so grateful for miraculous healing and physical health, those blessings are temporal. The best thing and the only eternal value of such blessings is the glory that we give to the Lord for them. What a greater blessing it is to be able to see what is, and act according to, God’s will.


    1. My dad was diagnosed with cancer around 12 years ago and I thought at that time my dad was gonna die. God will use our weaknesses our circumstances to increase our faith even more. I have seen a lot of physical healings in my life, I have recently went through a serious health thing which in turn has given a deeper perspective on what truly matters. God has us here for a reason, His will,we are here to serve God, to worship Him, He has a plan for our lives. We also have plans for our lives but we need to be able to let God cut in so to speak, give Him the lead.

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  3. I did have one more thought about Moses dying. In the book of Jude it says that there was a dispute about the “body of Moses”, so much so that maybe that was part of the cause of God hiding Moses’ dead body. I was thinking that it could have been possible that Satan was arguing for the veneration of the patriarch’s corpse… maybe Satan was wanting to make a place of worship around Moses. But besides the argument, the phrase “body of Moses” in Jude reminds me of the phrase we see so much “body of Christ”. And there is much contention over that body also. So in conclusion, I wanted to make the comparison between the two bodies, especially the similarity in the error of worshiping it.


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