Matthew 25:4

serveimageBut the wise took flasks of oil along with them [also] with their lamps.


4 thoughts on “Matthew 25:4”

  1. Everyone always assumes that the oil is the Holy Spirit, and maybe that is so. But I can’t imagine the Holy Spirit getting used up and you have to refill your “lamp” with the Holy Spirit when it runs low. Just doesn’t make sense. I think the oil is faith or your relationship with the Lord. Whatever the oil is, the Lord wants us to be active in some way, so we don’t miss out on that Day. Because apparently if we are late because we are busy hastily filling our lamps with faith/relationship, we ARE going to be shut out of whatever the others were ready for.
    I don’t know what is on the other side of that door in which Jesus and the ready brides went. But I know that those, who weren’t ready, even after they tried to hurriedly muster up some oil, were refused entry. Jesus said he didn’t even know them.
    So how come these foolish brides are even there waiting for the Groom if he doesn’t even know them? They are waiting all evening thinking that their husband is coming at any moment and they are going to live happily ever after. But when they knock on the door they aren’t even recognized. It’s so sad… but very just.
    These people made Jesus into whoever they wanted him to be, instead of getting to know who He is and loving him for it. And how can we love Jesus for who He is? The Holy Spirit teaches us… maybe He is the oil after all 🙂


    1. Some examples, of which I personally know, of people who worship some other Jesus are:
      1.) They refuse the divinity of Jesus. He is ONLY the son. Only the savior. These people only worship “The Father” and refuse to pray to or worship Jesus.
      2.) Some people see him as God, but they only have a relationship with Mary, the saints, and their priests here on earth. They don’t feel like they can have a one on one relationship directly with Jesus.
      3.) Some people really “love” and respect Jesus as the savior and great prophet. These people will include Jesus along with Mother Earth worship, and self-deity worship, sun worship, Buddha worship, and so on. This would be the adulterous worshiper at best, but if you were never His, then adultery is impossible.
      4.) I am going to include this one only because they could go running for the oil on that Day… this person is in the Christian culture. They are a “good” person. They think it is the best choice for the life they want for themselves and their children. So they pick a big church with lots of programs and activities to get deep into the network of relationships. They give 10% of their paychecks to this 501-C-3 church and receive it back at the end of the year as a deduction on their taxes. They feed the homeless and get involved in the community with their church. These people are not having a relationship with Jesus. Jesus will not recognize these people when they knock on his door on that Day, because they are not His. They belong to the world.
      >>>Please note that I am not accusing everyone who fits that description to be unsaved. I am saying that even though you may look “Christian”, that doesn’t make you His… you must be Born Again 🙂


      1. Amen Kimberly!!! It is possible to believe you are Christian and not be one I believe this is one of devil’s biggest deceptions is to get people to believe they are and that is how he has them in a place where they think they are OK. But with no relationship with Jesus, a superficial, outward. No “oil” on the inside. I believe it is so important to preach knowing Jesus, that is what we need. Sometimes we can get caught up with the come to “my church” syndrome,it’s all about coming to Jesus. It’s not a popularity contest or a number game.

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  2. Okay so, someone, who didn’t feel like writing a comment, told me that the virgins aren’t necessarily “brides”. He said that if they are all going to marry the bridegroom, then it looks too much like Jesus advocates polygamy. I guess so, but it’s not clear still why these virgins are waiting all evening for the bridegroom. Because we, the church, the bride of Christ, are all going to “marry” Jesus, I never really had a problem with the allegory.
    I read a very long commentary about this passage by Matthew Henry. A small part of what he said is this, “When Christ comes, we must go forth to meet him. As Christians we are bound to attend all the motions of the Lord Jesus, and meet him in all his out-goings. When he comes to us at death, we must go forth out of the body, out of the world, to meet him with affections and workings of soul suitable to the discoveries we then expect him to make of himself. Go ye forth to meet him, is a call to those who are habitually prepared, to be actually ready.
    So, basically, yes we are the one bride, but we are his servants also. We are the virgin witnesses/servants. Mr. Henry says the oil is grace and the lamp is our heart.


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