2 Chronicles 7:14

serveimage-2and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.


7 thoughts on “2 Chronicles 7:14”

  1. I just noticed that Solomon has been in a lot of my posts recently 🙂
    But anyways, I have a comment on this verse that surprisingly enough has nothing to do with America. Seems like whenever someone is referencing this one they are exhorting their countrymen to seek the Lord for the sake of their nation.
    When I read this verse, well this entire passage of the Lord visiting Solomon, I think of all the times when He reached out to the world offering himself to them. Plus it’s hard not to think of Solomon without remembering how he ended up worshiping other gods.
    I went to this verse while thinking about the subject of healing. I realize that it is a tertiary salvation subject, but for some people (not me) He uses supernatural physical healing to get some people to value faith in Him. I say “not me” because that’s not the way he brought me to faith, but I have heard it numerous times in people’s salvation testimonies. Even some people boldly testifying about making a “deal” with God in exchange for healing for themselves or a loved one… a practice that is widely frowned-upon, yet these people testify, they say it like it went down. Unashamedly they say, “I prayed to God that if He would heal my mother, I would believe. She was healed, so now I have faith.”
    I guess the reason a lot of us cringe when we hear about those deals, those bargains is because we know that God is still God if there is no physical healing and that even though God lets our mothers die, He is God. So maybe these deals that people make with God are good gateway-deals, but for those of us who know that God is God no matter what happens… then supernatural healing isn’t necessary. Even so, I do pray that God WILLS to supernaturally heal my mother.


    1. Amen Kimberly!!! I have been praying for your mother. I understand what you are saying. I have been praying for healing for Tim for these past 18 years. Healing of muscular dystrophy is unheard of in the world but I know all things are possible with God. I do continue to pray, I don’t know if healing will ever come but what I do know is God has a plan and I know God is in control of all things. I know very well about making “deals” with God. We do this when we see our loved ones hurting and we want so very much for them to be healed. Like Paul he loved his family so much he would have set aside his own salvation if he could have. I do believe this is a form of intercessory prayer. Standing in the gap so to speak. Being moved in prayer on behalf of others. Also some people need to see to believe, like Thomas the disciple , he needed to see with his eyes and feel with his hands in order to believe. But some of us are blessed because our faith can grow and keep going even when we can’t see. God’s will be done.


      1. Thank you, Stephanie, for continuing to pray for my mother. She told me not to post any longer on FB about her condition, so it’s a good thing that you remember 🙂
        I have heard of some crazy-sounding personal testimonies about God healing, so I know he does do it sometimes. One recently was this couple that was encouraged to abort their baby because his brain was missing the whole left side. But they didn’t kill their son, and he WAS born with half of his brain missing. But just as they were gonna operate to relieve fluid pressure they had to get a current PET Scan done… well you guessed it! The other side of the brain was miraculously there! No doctor can heal like Jesus can. I do ask God to heal my mother, but I can’t make a deal with Him because I have nothing with which to bargain – He already has everything I could think to give to Him. I know it’s the same with Tim, and I know that Tim’s life is already a miracle, but I know that if God wills it, it will be 🙂 Maranatha! Right?!
        Love you, Stephanie! Hope to see you around the shop soon. -Kimberly


  2. 2 Chronicles 7:13, very interesting to see that the LORD says, “when I shut up, I command, or I send…..” Also in verse 14, what is your land?


    1. Yes, Glenn, that’s how I was thinking about it also. When I read the old testament I almost always read it metaphorically, like bring the lesson over to this side of the cross.


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