Jude 18

serveimage-1They said to you, “In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires.”


2 thoughts on “Jude 18”

  1. Do you ever get that kind of revelation from God that can’t adequately be described with words? Well I got one of those this week. Maybe he doesn’t give me the ability to speak about it because it IS just for me at this particular time in my faith. To force it into a nutshell I’ll just say that is has to do with the reason for the flesh and the testing of our faith. Which of course always leads me to Job and his friends that hadn’t noticed they had been indoctrinated with some misinformation about God. And I say “indoctrinated” because they not only got their ideas from Satan (Job 4:15-21), but they also have been listening to the “gray-haired”(Job 15:10), the older men, and further they go out themselves and preach it like it’s truth.
    So how does this all pertain to Jude 18? Well these scoffers IN THE CHURCH are very simply WRONG. Their so-called metal has been tested; they bent under that certain PSI of which Satan accused them. These scoffers are preaching in our pulpits. They are sitting next to you, ironically singing along with songs about the joy of dying. Yet they scoff at “our only Sovereign” (v4) coming soon. They divide us (v19). But there we are again, back at the subject of testing our faith by way of tempting the flesh.
    Some people just can’t bear to hope that Jesus is REALLY coming soon. In fact to think of it they will get too overwhelmed in their spirit with joy, their eyes so filled with flooding tears that they can’t focus on a temptation, their hearts so filled with excitement that their chest can’t contain such a heart rate. So they tell themselves and others that it has been the “Last times” for over 2000 years, so don’t get your hopes up, keep calm about it or you might lose faith if Jesus doesn’t come this year…
    I think we SHOULD get our hopes up and KEEP our hopes up. It’s not our job to tell people that it’s probably not gonna happen soon, as believers we should have no problem boldly saying that Jesus is coming soon, Revelation 22:12!


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