Matthew 6:15

serveimage-2But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.


9 thoughts on “Matthew 6:15”

  1. The first comment I have about this verse is that it’s just like that story in Matthew 18:23-35, particularly v.35, where the forgiven debtor refuses to forgive his own debtor, so seeing this, his creditor decides to demand payment AND he has him tortured. Two things: 1. I think this is NOT about salvation, but about discipline, and 2. Unforgiveness, even toward an unrepentant (“unable to pay”) debtor, in the end, only hurts us. I know it’s a cliché now to say that, but I think this verse is clear in saying that God will deal with you (torture you) if you can’t forgive, even though you ARE forgiven.


    1. I really think Jesus means what He says here. I can see different times in my life where I held unforgivness in and the power Satan gains when I did not forgive. Unforgiveness is one of Satan’s devices he uses to get his plan done. The heart starts to get bitter and pretty soon it festers into this huge sore in our heart. All we can do is pray for God’s healing of our heart and keep praying. When someone does us wrong, we are human and we want that apology but when the apology never comes it hurts our pride. But forgiveness is something Jesus talked about quite a bit, forgiving other people sins directly involves our sin.

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      1. “keep praying” is the part I liked mostly about your comment… which is what Jesus is talking about here in Matthew 6. If we can’t put ourselves in other’s shoes, like Jesus can, then we at least tell the Lord about it. Glenn pointed out the other day that it starts out with “OUR father”, He’s OUR God. And so there’s that fellowship that God desires us to have, there’s that unity, we’re all His children.


  2. I feel that inability to pay the debt is the offense. This servant, was willing to make it right, and asking for mercy.The idea, to me, is that when someone is asking forgiveness, or mercy ,we should forgive them, Like God forgives us when we come to him to find help and mercy in our time of need Hebrews 4:16 . Matthew 6:12,15 obviously are talking about brothers or sisters who have asked for forgiveness.

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    1. I think I get what you are saying. Since all our sins are forgiven and we are saved and covered by the blood – both the unforgiving person and the person that owes a debt are forgiven by the Lord, it’s just up to us as humans to seek the Lord to forgive and to confess and to plead for mercy and to be forgiven. Then we are back in fellowship as family.


  3. I think a lot of people are missing this one in a horrible way. And specifically, Christian people. Until we understand how utterly sinful that we are save for the awesome blood of Jesus, we will always have reason to blame others and hold grudges. But once we realize what price it took for God to forgive us for every single one of our sins, that is when we should realize how much we are supposed to forgive others for whatever it is that they have done towards us.

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    1. I think you are right, Todd. God only requires this because it is right and it is good. It is hard for us, but it is good for us. Like they say – anything worth doing, is hard.


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