John 5:44

serveimageHow can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and you do not seek the glory that is from the one and only God?


5 thoughts on “John 5:44”

  1. Jesus seems to be saying that these people who study God’s word yet they don’t love God, they don’t really believe, they don’t have a relationship with God… they’re just in their own world saying, “Hey Jesus, we don’t want you to be the Messiah or to be God”, even though he is and their scriptures say he is… and Jesus says he is. If they were really interested in God, they would have been very interested and attracted to Jesus, because he was it, he was who they should have been looking for. They are missing the whole point and missing what matters… Somehow they have studied the scriptures, but reject the author and have tried to take it for themselves and give glory to each other. It’s so weird, they had turned into what we call these days a cult. They aren’t seeking the one and only God, they are just seeking glory from each other – and telling God to his face that they reject him, but they are keeping the scriptures for their cult.


    1. Which, oddly enough, this is gonna seem like it’s totally from left field, but this reminds me of a current issue involving gender identity when choosing a gender-identified bathroom, locker room, or dressing room.
      The reason this verse reminds me of the issue is because I think they are missing the whole point and missing what matters. Which, in my opinion, is privacy and modesty.
      Even most of the Christian community, shamefully, is cool with communal bathrooms and locker rooms. You don’t see us out there protesting trying to get those school locker rooms shut down or refusing to use a urinal with a bunch of other exposed men at the same time. In fact most large churches have communal bathrooms for their congregants. In my opinion, all toilets, dressing rooms, and showers should ALWAYS be in private single-occupant rooms.
      Another thing I don’t understand about some Christians’ opinions is that they want to regulate the restrooms in such a way that they want a person that is physically male but looks and dresses like a woman to use the men’s room; and if a woman is dressed like a man and looks like a man to walk into the ladies room.
      If communal bathrooms were okay they would have them in homes, where all the members of the household use one open shared space – one for males, one for females – in which to use the shower, use the toilet, and get dressed TOGETHER. It’s ridiculous!


      1. Each person has a right to there own privacy. Modesty is not a word this world wants to here. It is utter insanity if so called Christians are saying this is ok. Yeah I always wondered about bathrooms that don’t have individual stalls. I was watching this National Geographic, not sure what country it was but they had one huge bathroom with about 10 holes for the toilets and they would all set in a row and do their business, I was like no way could I do that but they did. But It might come down to that so I think I will try to steer clear of public bathrooms. Also in San Francisco they have a public urination , where people can just walk up in the opening and go to the bathroom. I guess the law of indecent exposure does not apply in San Francisco.


  2. This turned out to be a rambling one I guess. Sorry about that to anyone taking the time to read this :/
    To put it simply, it’s always a case of people wanting to be the god of their god – they want to frame and mold a god to their preferences. And plainly, that’s just not right. It might be right to mold and shape a certain fellowship of believers in accordance with their preferences, but we can’t presume to shape God. As He is always saying, “They will be my people, and I will be their God.” So, let us be His and let Him be God, OUR God… not our un-god, non-god, man-made fairytale god. He is who He is and yes, we are who we are, so be it, either you’re His or you’re not.


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