Psalms 144:1

serveimageBlessed be the Lord, my rock,
Who trains my hands for war,
And my fingers for battle;


4 thoughts on “Psalms 144:1”

  1. This is a verse that begins a Psalm about God helping us in wars and battles with our enemies; and it ends with a few verses about the prosperity that is achieved after our enemies are destroyed.
    All this training of my hands and fingers is, I think, the substance of my life. It seems like after every day here I am thanking Jesus for the training… for the experience. Then I do my best to remember the blessings.. I don’t have tens of thousands of sheep in my field and my barn isn’t filled with every kind of provision and I am definitely NOT an adorning pillar. But, as this Psalm says, I “will be”. With all this training I WILL BE so swift to recognize, attack, & destroy my enemies – so swift that the prosperity will be a natural result.


  2. I was thinking about what David must have meant by praising Jesus as his “Rock”. Was he thinking his foundation, his cornerstone, capstone, the ammunition that killed Goliath, a solid immovable touchstone, a wall of defense, the rock that springs forth the water of Life, an altar not hewn by man’s hand, or a rock in which to hewn an eternal tomb?


  3. I know of a Christian metal band that has chosen this verse. It’s just attached to the name like this:
    Wickeds End
    Ps 144:1
    Their fingers are being trained to be metal missionaries – to go into that dark, satanic community carrying the Holy Spirit in their hearts, in their music, and in their words. But obviously this verse could be talking about anybody’s specific specialized ministry. God’s manifold ministry to get his message to the hearts of all us varied humans.


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