Genesis 11:6

serveimage-1The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.


3 thoughts on “Genesis 11:6”

  1. A lot of thoughts, about this verse, come to mind… the chronological setting after the flood, God intervening, free will, God’s plan, power in unity, power in language/vocabulary/communication. But the first thought I had was about “speaking the same language”, by which I mean that they could understand each others’ meaning, intention, motive… they had no misunderstanding. So I’m thinking that it was possible that humans had an innate ability to communicate at a level that has never been seen since. Even with today’s technology, like with all those people at the United Nations with the translators on all their ears… even with access to books and classes about interpersonal communication – we, as humans, have never re-gained that God-given, God-retracted sixth sense of clear perception. Maybe even telepathy?


    1. Even between just two individuals standing face to face, we’re always understanding something that is not what the other meant to convey… it’s exactly what God intended, it’s confusion.


  2. This whole passage about the Tower and God “coming down” to intervene, makes me think about free will. There is a large Reformed part of the Christian people who think that it’s all predestined and chosen from the dawn of time – it’s all decided for us, so they say as God says, “Very well then,” and, “So be it.” They believe, but they also think there’s a chance that they aren’t “chosen”, so they more often than not are the ones that more easily fall into challenges like alcoholism and premarital sex. I am only speaking from my own viewpoint of the Reformed people I know. There’s a hopelessness in the doctrine that is just enough “off” to make you feel not valued and unloved by God as an individual.
    And even in the mainstream calvary-ites, there’s this thing they do. They probably wouldn’t say it’s a Calvary “doctrine”, but you’ll here them say something like, “If you are not walking in the ways of God, then He will not bless you. If you don’t seek Him, he will take His eyes off of you.” They won’t go so far as to say that God will leave you, but it is a prevalent teaching on their radio programs that God will not intervene in your bad decisions… He’ll just let you go away and sin. In my experience, this teaching is so wrong. I think God is constantly intervening in our bad decisions and constantly “blessing” us when we are NOT blessing Him. He loves each of us. Each of us were predestined for “sonship” (Ephesians 1). But we are the ones messing with our destiny.


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