Ezekiel 28:14

serveimage-1You were anointed as a guardian cherub,
    for so I ordained you.
You were on the holy mount of God;
    you walked among the fiery stones.


4 thoughts on “Ezekiel 28:14”

  1. I don’t plan on rambling on about Satan for this one, it’s more about an insight about humans that’s found in the history of Satan. Lately, we’ve been able to be around actual Satan worshipers through my husband’s band playing Christian metal at the same gig as the satanic bands. So I’ve been able to see firsthand that these people are in earnest and it seems like they identify with the “mean old God doesn’t love me” devil’s attitude. This verse says it; God created, loved, and ordained Lucifer… just the same as us humans. God creates each of us, loves us, and gives us a purpose. But when God fails to meet our expectations of co-dependence and fails to short-sightedly place each of us at the center of His universe and fails to worship us… we rebel, we demand worship… like Satan. There is a way, however, for all of us to distinguish the truth from the lie. Satan, buddha, ala, self, ra, molech – all of them, yes they’ve been granted domain and power for now, but only Jesus Christ can actually make you born again. There’s no faking that.


    1. God loves us so much he gives us choice, free will. Satan was also created with choice. That is the Love of God, He loves us so much , He let’s us go our own way, He puts the ball in our court so to speak. So in the end when we stand before God we have no excuse because we chose our own way, we basically send ourselves to hell, God does not want anyone to choose that way but they do. Thanking God for His grace and His mercy and for Jesus for coming and making it possible for all humans to be saved if so they choose. Praying for you guys as you go into Satan’s den. Do they allow the Christian bands to open in prayer? If they hail satan are you allowed to hail Jesus? That can be hard to take. We get a lot of demonic activity down at at Perret Park and before we go down there we pray and put our armor on and pray somemore and during the time we are down there. It can get pretty crazy.


      1. That’s actually been my main purpose, so far as merch-girl, is prayer – plus I give out a printed sheet of the lyrics to everyone in the audience. I haven’t been given any conversations personally with people, just seeing each of them and praying for them. The band prays together… we are all believers, well you know John Dixon and Justin Smalz. Plus we have Andrew on bass who was going to our services here at CHOB before they ended last year. So, the answer is yes, we are super-aware of the spiritual warfare that must be waged.
        And to answer your question about hailing Jesus, the music is all for Jesus and the lyrics are all Christian. Here’s a link to the lyrics
        The satanic people do their songs when it’s their turn, including a lot of profanity and lewdness. Personally, this behavior is met with prayer for them and for me and for the audience. So far we haven’t had to deal with any outwardly hostile satanist; they’ve all been very polite, friendly, and follow more of the do-what-thou-wilt doctrine. Plus we go in knowing that they are preaching, they are recruiting for Satan. So we must be prepared going in, knowing the value of the faith that we’ve been granted… it must be protected.


  2. Amen Kimberly, prayer is our strongest weapon. God will open the doors for you to be able to personally minister to people, He always is working behind the scenes in people’s hearts.


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