Matthew 15:4

serveimageFor God said, ‘Honor your father and mother’ and ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death.’


One thought on “Matthew 15:4”

  1. Usually I wouldn’t choose a scripture in Matthew again so soon, but I had some thoughts about this one after a fb friend posted it in response to someone who thought she shouldn’t be attempting to communicate with her estranged father. For some reason it made me literally Laugh Out Loud, because of the “put to death” part, which is pretty extreme for a “saved by grace”, “having an active relationship with God” CHRISTIAN. So it looked like, possibly, she’s telling her friend that she wants to talk to her father because she doesn’t want to be put to death by the church, who would be judging her guilty and sentencing her to death if she cursed her father… sorry, but that is hilariously ridiculous… it’s like sharia-Christian or something. Anyway, so I had a good laugh and then thought about what Jesus was contextually saying here.
    Okay so, it seems to me that the Law was given to the Hebrews as sort of a gateway to a relationship with God, a la “They will be My people and I will be their God”. However, if they followed all the rules, which is impossible, and offered the right sacrifices for any broken rules, but they still didn’t even like God… the law never had any capability in & of itself to justify a person. They had to actually have a relationship with God, or in other words, God had to KNOW you… some kind of consummation of the heart had to be there to go to Abraham’s bosom.
    Now back to what Jesus was saying. The pharisees were wondering why Christians weren’t giving honor and obedience to the ELDERS by following their command. So Jesus says that it’s the heart that is at issue here, not these stupid rules about washing your hands. It’s like He’s saying, stop with all your legalism and traditions… love God, because He sees your heart. If an “elder” in the church tells you to listen to them instead of God’s word… the choice seems simple, but whatever is your choice, follow you heart.


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