Exodus 1:21

serveimageAnd because the midwives feared God, he gave them families of their own.


One thought on “Exodus 1:21”

  1. So as I was reading this book, Exodus, I stopped at this verse and contemplated for a while about God being very please with these ladies for lying to the established government. But it doesn’t exactly say that was why God was so happy with them. It says that the midwives feared God… God knew that these women believed in Him, so he blessed them with families of their own. Their actions of false testimony were just a proof of their belief. I personally know that there are many professing Christians who would honor the appointed sovereign’s command no matter what they asked them to do, because they believe they are honoring God who, as the bible says, establishes kings and rulers. In other words, they think you don’t trust God or you don’t believe that God is “in control” if you don’t go along with an evil government edict. I think this verse has a good message of the value of eternal things like belief & faith… well not just that they are eternal currency, but belief will also serve you in your short time here on Earth by helping you to, foremost, please God.


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