Job 16:19

serveimageEven now my witness is in heaven;
    my advocate is on high.


4 thoughts on “Job 16:19”

  1. This week I’ve been ill with fever and cough. So I’ve been playing the audio-bible of the book of Job. It helps.
    But as I listened, this verse and those around it jumped out at me. It’s one of those moments when the Lord speaks to my heart with a huge, long speech about His love for me, yet there are no words and it only took a moment for him to convey it. To put it simply, even though we are definitely messed up and corrupt, God made us and what He made is good. He understands our dilemmas and only wants to teach us what is good.
    When I’m going through physical pain as I am this week, remembering Job and his words about knowing that God sees him, helps me to be patient. When God tells Satan that is is “very well” when he’s about to attack Job, always reminds me that a tested faith is a better faith.


  2. Amen Kimberly!! So true without the trials I would not be who I am today, there have been some hot trials,still that fire we go through refines us. Maybe that’s what Jesus meant about being baptized with Holy Ghost and with fire.


    1. Yeah, it’s like when Jesus said it’s the ones who do the will of His Father that get into heaven, not the ones who just talk about it. I think when our faith is proofed by our actions, it is increased as well… and the Lord is pleased. But I must confess that I have been asking Him for relief all day long, every day. I think that’s part of it though… turning to Him for relief… knowing that He’s in control & He can do it when the time is right.


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