Psalm 78:61

He sent the ark of his might into captivity,
    his splendor into the hands of the enemy.


5 thoughts on “Psalm 78:61”

  1. I recently became captive to this entire Psalm, so I decided to choose a verse from it. Which was a very difficult task. This particular verse brings up a bunch of thoughts for me regarding my personal relationship with God, “replacement” theology, and the nature/person/personality of God. So I’ll get to all those studies throughout the week… I hope 🙂
    So, starting with my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, this seemingly macro verse regarding saved humans being the ark of the Holy Spirit delivered into the hands of the enemy – has a very particular & intimate message for me as an individual (however typical and common I must be). I am a reconciled believer… a backslider. I will, until my passing, keep that label for myself, because I think it is a useful, even essential, aspect of keeping my faith. The world (the entire one under the sway of the evil one) will always be calling me away from the truth, away from goodness, away from heaven, away from God. I know, because Jesus sent me into the captivity of sin – I know now where I want to be and who I want to worship. He made me very quick to seek the shelter of his wings, like when my granddaughter, Ivy, runs to the safety of her mama’s leg, wrapping her arms around her thigh… nothing can harm her there.


    1. On the subject of the validity of holding on to the label of “backslider”, it’s just like knowing that I am an alcoholic, therefore I do not drink. The title/branding of alcoholic is very useful in knowing what I should or shouldn’t do.


  2. Regarding this verse and my thoughts regarding the duel between “Dual Covenant” and “Replacement” theologies, the only little thing I want to say is that even the most staunch dual-covenant-zionist-gentile-believer can’t look at this verse or any verse in the Hebrew bible without thinking about the personal message for them from Jesus. And also, the most replacement-thinking-Jesus-only-scythian-believer can’t deny that Jesus was the God of the Hebrews. Jesus was the one trying to be their God; of course, they still don’t know that, but before Jesus was born an adam… He is. So, now that I’ve got both polar sides walking away from me :), when I read this verse about the historical ark and the historical Jewish nation being delivered into captivity by God, I also hear Jesus speaking about me and directly to me. What’s funny to me is that both sides will look at that last sentence and say it proves their point. I call it “Fulfillment” theology. Whatever Jews put their faith in Jesus Christ by the deadline, they will be saved. Whatever gentiles convert to Judaism, reject Jesus, and put their faith in a god that isn’t Jesus Christ… they won’t make the cut. If you reject God, in the end, you don’t belong in His heaven.


  3. This verse also makes me think of how some people give me the impression that God can’t be in the same room as sin and evil stuff… well mostly they bring it up when talking about heaven and that’s why we need to repent and be good so we can go to heaven, because God won’t be able to let us in because he can’t be near sin – like it’s His kryptonite or something. Hogwash! Will finish my thought later…


    1. Okay so, what I’m saying is that God wants to expose the truth, no matter what it is. If someone is evil He says, “Very well!” If someone is proven to be faithful, He says, “Very well!” God does not have an opposing/equal force that has any potential to overcome/hinder Him. In fact, he uses evil and sin to get to what He wants, true worshipers to fill up heaven.
      This verse says that He’s delivering the ark of the covenant into captivity, into the hands of filthy heathens that don’t worship God… so if God was so concerned about not touching evil, why would He send His ark to this enemy? The way some people teach it, you would think it would be impossible for the enemy to even touch it. But no, here in this verse we have a most sacred object, that represented the presence of God, being given over to the enemy – as a natural consequence of active & persistent unbelief.


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