2 Chronicles 11:16


Those from every tribe of Israel who set their hearts on seeking the Lord, the God of Israel, followed the Levites to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices to the Lord, the God of their fathers.


7 thoughts on “2 Chronicles 11:16”

  1. First, I’d like to say congratulations on finding this blog, as I have decided to not promote it on our personal facebook page any longer.
    It would be a blessing to me if you posted your thoughts about this verse.


  2. I had been contemplating the concept of being the Body of Christ, the church. So the first scripture that came to mind was this one. It took me a few minutes to find it, but I had remembered that the people who wanted to be on God’s side had left their inheritance, their land to relocate to where they could worship the Lord.
    And so the reason it’s so interesting to me is that this is the church before the so-called birth of the church, which is purported to be after Jesus ascended, or even not until Pentecost.
    I find it very intriguing that people did have devotion and love for God throughout the ages. It used to seem like it was an impossible thing before Jesus made a way for us to receive the Holy Spirit. I had the idea that the only way for man to turn to God was by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is an idea that I’m NOT unconvinced of.
    So to put it simply there are three factors that are trying to find a balance in this equation.
    1. God loves humans, He loves this species, and He wants our love.
    2. He created each of us with a choice of who or what we are going to worship.
    It’s a given that we must worship/serve something.
    3. God, being just, gives everyone the truth about the human world.
    He cuts through all that chatter of all the others drawing your attention, your
    energy, your service, your worship away from who is worthy of it. In that
    moment of clarity each of us is either so glad to have found the truth or each
    of us rejects it in pride and in slavery.


    1. Plus, God is the same. He was the same in the time of this verse when Rehoboam was king. And He’s the same now. He loved His people then and He loves his people now that he has personally made a way for us to receive him in our hearts eternally.


  3. So on the subject of being “the body”. There’s a part in Luke where a certain organized and unified body had taken Jesus prisoner and then, as a body, took him to the secular authorities to plead for his torture and death. That particular body was claiming to be the elders of the church, claiming to be God’s people. We know now that they were WAY off on their relationship with God and that they were, in fact, NOT God’s people. So what I am thinking is that even though we may be in a church building and even have the favor of the government, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are with God’s people. YOU may be God’s person and part of the body of Christ, but you may also be taking part in a body that takes Jesus prisoner.


    1. So in regards to this verse in Chronicles, God’s people went to where they could worship God… they went to where they were following the ways of God. And then in Luke 22 and 23, God’s people had to separate from what they were being told was what God wanted, they knew it was wrong to convict and kill Jesus, so some of them had to leave that church body for the sake of the Truth. We have the same issue even today.


  4. Luke 12:51 New International Version (NIV)
    Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.

    That’s what I’m talking about! If we say we are Christians, followers of The Way — God is going to test our faith. He’ll put us in situations where we have to choose Him.


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