Luke 10:42

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but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.


6 thoughts on “Luke 10:42”

    1. One of my favorite verses, I read this book a few years ago its called” How To live a Mary Life In A Martha World” I love this verse we need Jesus, we need to hear His Word,to slow down and actually listen, it is a need. We get so busy doing our own thing that we forget Jesus is even with us.


      1. Yes, I agree. Busy-ness can be a very good pseudo-Christian life… it looks very righteous. But it’s not that it’s ALWAYS phoney, because there’s a time to work and a time to be still… and Jesus wasn’t necessarily telling Martha to stop her fussing, I think He was okay with letting her, in liberty, get busy. He was just saying that it was better to choose to sit and let the Lord serve her.
        I was reading this in the Message bible (very much an interpretation of a real bible), and it was saying something about Jesus’ words being the “main course”… like Martha is getting all this food prepared when Jesus is already dishing out the main course to Mary : )


  1. Glenn : Luke 21:33 Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away. Simply, Gods word is eternal, everything else is temporal.


    1. Wow yes, Glenn, that’s also another, maybe the most important, reason for Mary to be focusing on Jesus talking. And also the lesson for every situation… what ETERNAL VALUE does each choice have? It’s a good guide to making a decision or also to snap us up out of the temporal to even see what is happening around us.


  2. Okay so I’ve been thinking on this one, and besides the shocking rebuke of Jesus coming from Martha, the thing that it’s making me think about is our PERSONAL relationship with Jesus… because it was not wrong to get busy around Jesus when the apostles doled out the bread & fish, and when Peter’s mother-in-law got up off her sick bed to make some dinner for Jesus. Don Overstreet would tell us, almost every time he visited us, “Do YOUR ministry.” He would say to not look at what others are doing and don’t let others draw you away from what God has for us to do. Martha can do her thing and Mary can do her own thing, and the two should not be compared : )


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